A project to crosslink knowledge from science with foresters
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Adding alternative tree propagation methods for conifer plantation and sustainable wood supply
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Combining expertise from 6 partners of 6 countries (EU and Argentina)
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Our Focus

Building a sustainable plantation forestry with productive conifers

Conifers have large economic, ecological and societal values. However seeds are visibly running short in the context of climate change, which is already challenging the traditional seed-based plantation forestry with improved varieties to produce wood. Complementary strategies must be introduced to propagate trees efficiently.

Our  intentions  are  to: 

  • Increase transparency between public and forest science knowledge and benefits

  • Present traditional breeding as well as planting strategies and technologies in forestry

  • Introduce a complementing system based on biotechnological possibilities, multi-varietal forestry, to provide enough plant material for future woods together with addressing the rising problem of seed shortage

  • Offer access to current scientific research

  • Report on the news and results of a joint EU/Argentina scientific collaboration

Benefits for society

 Multi-varietal plantation forestry offers a chance for the future!

  • More wood – in a sustainable fashion: Response to increasing wood demands – producing and planting more valuable trees

  • Sustained productivity: Growing productive and diverse improved varieties

  • Efficient multiplication of valuable trees: Constant supply of adapted varieties through vegetative propagation

  • Real-time plantation forestry: Reduced need for time and manpower consuming breeding efforts

  • Addressing public concerns related with vegetative propagation of trees and plantation forestry